Shatter Toolkit



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The Shatter Toolkit enables you to easily shatter or split any game object dynamically in real-time, whether you want to smash walls or slice fruits. The toolkit creates the necessary geometry, fills the holes and instantiates the new game objects for you.

One line of code shatters or splits a game object and no scripting is required if you use the bundled helper-scripts.


  • Split game objects by specifying an array of planes
  • Shatter game objects by specifying a point
    • Internally splits the game object in randomly generated planes passing through the point
  • Fills the holes (cut area) in the mesh after a split has occured, if enabled
  • Tweakable uv mapping for the cut area
    • WorldUvMapper - repeats a texture a number of times per world-unit
    • TargetUvMapper - maps the cut area to a specific part of the texture
  • Includes an advanced triangulator; useful in many areas of game development
  • No scripting required (although there is a well documented interface for scripting)


Unity 3/4 Free/Pro: Supported

Unity iOS/Pro: Supported on higher end devices (Tested on iPhone 4S)

Unity Android/Pro: Supported on higher end devices (Tested on LG Optimus 2X)


Is it possible to shatter/split skinned meshes?

No, this was a decision I made early on and I do not plan to add support for it in future updates.

Is there a performance hit when using the shatter toolkit with game objects, when they're not being shattered?

No, there is no performance hit at all.