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Compete with your friends in this multiplayer kart racer! Play 1-4 players splitscreen either locally, over system link or on Xbox Live for a total of 8 players. Use your own Xbox Avatar and race through 3 different seaside courses!


  • Physics-based multiplayer kart racing!
  • Up to 8 players on Xbox Live or over System link
  • 1-4 players splitscreen (online or offline)
  • 3 playable maps




Seaside Racing Trailer from Gustav Olsson on Vimeo. Trailer music by Ron Bunce.


Below are some pictures of the development of the game, some of which dates back to the start of the project in the beginning of 2009.


You may notice from the last picture that all parts of the vehicle was realistically simulated using rigid bodies and constraints in the first few months of development. I later changed to the more common way of simulating the wheels, using raycasts and fake impulses, mostly because it was easier to balance the handling of the car that way. The game uses, and was made alongside, a rigid body physics engine I had started working on in the end of 2008.