Small Prototypes

For the past few weeks I've been working on a few small projects. After working on Seaside Racing for a period of almost 2 years, with no side projects, it's fun to finally be able to experiment with new ideas! (I decided early on to not start side projects so that I could finally finish a larger project, and it worked, although while being difficult.)



The screenshots above are from two projects that made it into a playable state. The first one is a "defend yourself from an increasing number of enemies" game. The rocket is controlled like in an asteroids game but I couldn't come up with gameplay that was interesting enough. I do love the art style I managed to achieve though, and I will try to use it in a future project if I can't innovate the current game somehow.

The second screenshot is from a quite unusual game, basically you play as something that behaves like a wing (a red cube at the moment) and propel yourself forward by grappling onto balloons scattered across the sky. It is fun to play but I have not yet created a goal or a scoring system.

One thing I've learned while making these prototypes is that it is fun to make random creative things, but it is important to do what you really like to do. The games above was made as infinite highscore-based games because I wanted to keep the development time down, but the problem with this approach is that I realized that I usually don't like infinite highscore-based games! I also had the iOS and Android platforms in mind while creating the games, which I think restricted my ideas. So, from now on, I will try to make exactly what I want to make and not let any other factors (monetizability, development time) affect my decisions. If the development time gets long it is always possible (I hope) to work on several projects at once.

Buoyancy Toolkit

While working on my LudumDare entry I needed a way for the flying boat to float realistically in water. Buoyancy behavior is something I will use in many future games so I decided to take some time and write a flexible and polished solution for the problem.

Since I now work with Unity3d I decided to submit the scripting package to the newly announced Unity Asset Store. They liked it and the "Buoyancy Toolkit" is now available on the store! You can try a web demo and see the scripting reference here if you are interested in the project.

LudumDare #19 - Discovery

I started tinkering with a game project for the 48 hour LudumDare competition this past weekend but didn't complete anything in time for the deadline, mostly because I didn't plan the weekend beforehand but also because the theme was too generic for my taste. I like when very specific themes are chosen for LudumDare, it forces you to be creative and introduces new thoughts in the design process. My idea for this competition was very similar to my other game ideas because they're all related to "discovery" in some way.

Anyway, I made a flying boat for the game:


I will hopefully take the time to complete the project someday!

Seaside Racing update coming soon

Since the release of Seaside Racing I have been playing a lot over Xbox Live and gathering feedback from different sources.

I have made a couple of changes and bugfixes which I plan to submit as an update for the game as soon as possible, currently scheduled for 11/08/2010. The peer review process that all Xbox Live Indie Games (new releases and updates) have to pass usually takes 7-14 days so the update will probably be live at the end of the month.


Here is the changelist for the update:

  • Fixed a gameplay bug on Hills where players could cheat by driving over the cliffs at the edge of the map
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where players who left the game while spectating couldn't see the score screen
  • Fixed a very rare bug where a player's vehicle would reset to the start of the map when X was pressed right after a host migration had taken place
  • Removed the ability to un-ready to improve the online experience
  • Improved score screen
  • Added text to the game when the player is spectating and when the player has won a race to inform the player what the game is waiting for
  • Added 2 new vehicle colors: orange and black
  • Optimized interface/menu rendering


Thanks for playing the game!


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