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Generating ISO metric screw threads

I've been doing a few non-virtual projects lately when I've had some free time. I've been building/programming a quadcopter and experimenting with 3d printing, and I really like the new (to me at least!) open hardware movement.

For designing parts and models, I'm using the easy-to-use CAD web app Tinkercad. It's not especially feature-rich at the moment but I really like the design desicions they've made and I belive they have a great base to build upon.

I recently wanted to print an adapter for a microphone but could not find any good libraries for threaded screws. So I took the plunge and spent an evening coding one myself, using the wikipedia page on ISO metric screw threads as reference.

Here is an example of the output

The code is written as a Tinkercad Shape Script in Javascript, but it should be straightforward to port it to any other platform or language. Unfortunately, Tinkercad limits Shape Scripts to accounts with paid subscription plans (which are a bit too expensive in my opinion) but if you are on one, just paste the code into the editor, place the object into your scene and start changing the parameters. I hope the code can be useful to someone out there at least :)

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