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Seaside Racing update coming soon

Since the release of Seaside Racing I have been playing a lot over Xbox Live and gathering feedback from different sources.

I have made a couple of changes and bugfixes which I plan to submit as an update for the game as soon as possible, currently scheduled for 11/08/2010. The peer review process that all Xbox Live Indie Games (new releases and updates) have to pass usually takes 7-14 days so the update will probably be live at the end of the month.


Here is the changelist for the update:

  • Fixed a gameplay bug on Hills where players could cheat by driving over the cliffs at the edge of the map
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where players who left the game while spectating couldn't see the score screen
  • Fixed a very rare bug where a player's vehicle would reset to the start of the map when X was pressed right after a host migration had taken place
  • Removed the ability to un-ready to improve the online experience
  • Improved score screen
  • Added text to the game when the player is spectating and when the player has won a race to inform the player what the game is waiting for
  • Added 2 new vehicle colors: orange and black
  • Optimized interface/menu rendering


Thanks for playing the game!

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